Wild Harbor, Seattle Band For Hire

Featuring Songs By

Tommy Tutone – Johnny & The Distractions – Dwight Twilley – The Blasters – Bodeans

Dwight Yoakum – Steve Earle – Los Lobos – Bryan Adams – Bruce Springsteen

Lone Justice – David & David – World Party – REM – Badfinger

Sweet – Raspberries – Dire Straits – The Replacements – Bread & Butter

White Denim – The Waterboys – Ryan Adams


Shadow On The Road Ahead – Let It Rock – I’m On Fire – Border Radio – Angels

Johnson’s Love – The Other Kind – I Got Loaded – Will The Wolf Survive – Fits Ya Good

Lonely Nights – Ramrod – To Be With You – Sweet Sweet Baby – Swallowed By The Cracks

Ship Of Fools – Fisherman’s Blues – Radio Free Europe – Baby Blue – Fox On The Run

Go All The Way – My Desire – Wild West End – Can’t Hardly Wait – Never Mind

Talent Show – Darlin One – Way Down Now – Worst Of Times – Is And Is And Is

The Wild Harbor Experience

The song list is the star and brand promise of the Wild Harbor experience.

For the concert goer, Ramble Tamble aims to create an exciting and engaging experience every step of the way. From marketing and advertising through post-event press and reviews. The entire touchpoint chain is designed to be evocative of the setlist and the images and emotions the setlist produces. Attention to detail is applied to every aspect of the concert-goers experience. From approaching the box office, the foyer, the main hall to the stage, the path is designed to generate excitement. The pre-performance soundboard playlist builds the anticipation and the post-event playlist caps the night perfectly. Wardrobe, instruments, amplifiers, sound and lighting all attuned to the spirit of the time and place of the setlist. As premeditated and orchestrated as the event is elements are incorporated to keep each performance fresh, edgy and just the right amount of danger in the air.   

Song List Curation

The intent of the song list is to offer something fresh for everyone involved. The song list strays away from the tried and true and instead delivers hidden gems just as potent and powerful as the ones we all know and love. To the curator, these songs are smash hits in an alternate universe.

Performance Geography

Performance’s are booked in Western Washington as far north as Bellingham and as far south as Olympia.

Venue Capacity:

Minimum venue capacity is 300.

Overall Target capacity is 300 to 1500.

*Will consider higher or lower under the right economic circumstances.

Target Venues:

We tend to target venues with a historic vibe. The spirit, look, and feel of the venue plays a critical role in the overall event experience. Sample Targeted Venues: Columbia City Theatre, Roxy Theatre, The Crocodile, Neumos, Spanish Ballroom McMenamins, Rialto Theatre, Historic Everett Theatre, Admiral Theater, Neptune Theatre, Showbox Market, Pantages Theater and the Capitol Theatre.

Performance Number & Frequency:

Our target performance frequency is 36 to 48 per year. An average of three to four per month. As the show gains popularity the ideal would be Friday and Saturday bookings at each venue, therefore, increasing the overall number of performances without the travel, load-in and load out workloads.

Pricing 2019 – 2020

Base price for a 90 minute show: $2,000.

Base fee for a typical 4 hour show: $3,000

For a typical 4 hour show (3 sets 60min each w/2 30min breaks)

*Prices abouve reflect sound & lighting provided by venue or booking client.


If lighting and sound equipment is not provided additional: $1,500

*This price applies to most venues, larger venues (over 500) will need a custom quote.


Performances booked outside western Washington will have additional fees for travel, lodging and meals.

Load In, Soundcheck & Load Out

Required soundcheck is 2 hours before doors open.

Load in is 1 hour before sound check.

Load out is typically one hour.

Availability 2019 – 2020