Artist Management & Recording

Original Material

Songwriting and recording is the heart and soul of the original artist. This makes the recording of the material and each of those involved in the process so important. At Ramble Tamble your manager will work closely with the artist in selecting the right team. 


The most important thing about the recording process is what the finished product sounds like: It doesn’t matter who works on it, if the result is not there.


This is a very important aspect of your recording process. Could even the most important step. 


This just might be the most critical person for your project. When you’re looking for a producer, the first check you need to make is the gut check. 

The Studio

Just like the producer, it doesn’t matter how successful the previous projects that were recorded in this studio were. What matters is that you like the sound of the resulting recording


This is the guy who runs the recording equipment. He sets up all the mics. Many engineers will even tune the drums. The great engineers will have the session open and ready and have the room set up with all mics you’ll need for that day before you arrive. 

Mixing Engineer

Don’t underestimate the importance of your mixing engineer. Great mixing engineers can take a pile of rubble and turn it into gold. 

Mastering Engineer

Mastering is incredibly important.. It’s one of the most subjective parts of the recording process and can be very expensive. Mastering can dictate the overall vibe and feel of a recording. Therefore it’s critical!