Project Description

Located: Stanwood, WA |  Year Founded:  2003 |  Business Segment: Professional Services
Target Audience: Telco providers


Wanted: Harold Beck wanted to embrace and promote a trend he saw happening within his business – the diversification of his product and service offerings in the Telecommunications sector. Working with these large telco’s opened up new support opportunities within their organizations, and Harold saw a chance to widen his footprint that would be good for his company. In addition to managing new sales channels, he would need to be able to efficiently source technicians and other support for these new projects..

Provided: We used our hosting platform to get Harold’s site in a position to attract and hire the folks he would need to support new projects. When you want people to find you and then convert to action, you have to not only promote trust, but also offer trustworthy means for communicating with and collecting information from your audience..